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Data Engineering

Scalable and robust data pipelines that enable quick access to data from multiple pull or push-based sources.

Data Science

Utilizing intelligent algorithms and predictive modeling solutions to drive business outcomes.

Data Analytics

Automated business intelligence and reporting tools that bring you actionable insights.


We can help with.

Case Studies

Some technical reports on problems we have worked on.

Human Resources Analytics

Understanding what causes the employees of a company to quit their jobs.

E-Commerce Analytics

Uncovering insights from app interaction data of a popular food e-commerce company.

Speed Dating Experiment

Understanding what attributes influence the selection of a romantic partner, using the data obtained from a series of speed dating experiments.

Safe Driver Prediction

Predicting if a driver would file an insurance claim.

Data Cleaning With Python

Data cleaning is an integral part of day to day work for engineers and data scientists to make data understandable and observable.

Data Visualization Using Tableau

Data Visualization has been an integral part of Data Science where initial insights can help understand patter of the data to analyze.

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What better than having an R&D focussed team on your side. We are a driven team of people with advanced degrees and experience in the fields of data science, software engineering, machine learning, and data architecture. We are experienced in developing solutions to stitch together disparate data sources, analyze and audit data, and learn latent relationships from them.

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